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Jamie walter@2x
Jamie Walter
Student Affairs Information Systems
Stanford University

“CBT Nuggets is a great, convenient resource for sharpening your IT skills. Not only convenient, but done in such a way that keeps you engaged in the topic. Presentations by the instructors are always lively and you will find many ‘gold’ nuggets along your IT journey.”
Jamie walter@2x
Bjørn Andersen

“The videos CBT Nuggets provide are incredibly good at breaking down and explaining things in an entertaining and enjoyable way. I would definitely recommend CBT Nuggets to people that are new to Cisco and networking.”

"Having a subscription to CBT Nuggets is one of the best training benefits our company could offer. There are no limits on what and how much I want to learn."

- Robert Mancini

"I use CBT Nuggets daily. It's an incredible resource and always talk to colleagues and friends - about how awesome it is. Kudos to Shawn Powers - great instructor."

- Matthew Dorn

"Your hard work is visible in the quality videos. I have been away from IT for a while, but you've brought me back into learning mode in a big way. Thank you."

- Todd Weedon

"I like having access to good quality training on the road or late at night; the CBT Nuggets mobile app gives me the flexibility I need. The feedback I get from my team on CBT Nuggets' training is similarly positive. I encourage them to find an hou..." Read More

- Philip O'Dwyer

"CBT Nuggets training is deeper than any other basic computer training I used before. The instructors are actually human with a sense of humor. It wasn’t so dry like some other products."

- Joey Parker

"I started using CBT Nuggets on the recommendation of a co-worker. I had only worked with classroom-based training, and I had doubts about the effectiveness of CBT Nuggets. Fortunately, CBT Nuggets not only cleared any doubts, but also blew away my..." Read More

- Jonathan Cooke

"I love you guys. Jeremy, Keith, and just about any instructor on most of the IT topics, you make me look forward to cracking open a new subject or even get sparked up on something new and trending. Thank you very much for being around. Without you..." Read More

- Tarik Elkhatib