At CBT Nuggets, we care deeply about making a difference in our global community. And we believe that training gives people and organizations the ability to thrive.

The NuggetLove program extends this belief to our corporate social responsibility. Our mission is to serve people everywhere in a way that ensures self-reliance. We work to connect innovative people and organizations to training and resources that optimize their impact, help them scale up, and make them sustainable. We provide capacity development training and assistance where nonprofits and NGOs need it most: resource development, communications and strategy. Our ultimate goal is to support organizations that fulfill basic needs, while also creating, growing, and stimulating local market economies in order to create independence and self-actualization for the beneficiaries in the communities we serve.

How We Work

NuggetLove Program

We believe that everyone deserves a better life and we believe that the organizations we support help make that vision a reality. The core work of NuggetLove is to support local and global organizations with proven solutions to difficult social, economic, and environmental problems, so that those organizations can grow and thrive. Every year we select three to four organizations to receive:

  • Funding for targeted grants and resources that help the organization scale.
  • Organizational development consulting that connects the organization to resources that allow them to grow their capacity for both funding and leadership.
  • Membership in an online community of practice that creates and connects devoted, social innovation leaders. *This community is open to all organizations that apply.*

You can apply to our RFP or learn more about our program here.

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Free Training

We offer free training for specific populations of displaced workers by partnering with companies in the process of restructuring. We select companies who are exiting employees due to changes in the business brought about by developments in technology, and partner with their HR departments to provide free training to exiting employees who are in need of refreshed skills to compete in the modern job market.

We also donate free training to those leaving military service for civilian careers through our Outside the Wire program.

Our Current Partners

Drop in the Bucket

Drop in the Bucket develops human-centered solutions for clean water, sanitation, gender equality, and microfinance in Uganda and South Sudan. Drop In The Bucket believes clean water is a basic human right that must be met in order to help people break the cycle of poverty. They build wells and sanitation systems at schools throughout sub-Saharan Africa. By providing schools and communities with tools they need to provide clean water and safe bathrooms, they improve child health, increase school enrollment rates, and promote gender equality.

NuggetLove is currently partnering with Drop in the Bucket to fund project initiatives and build their capacity for fundraising.


I See Maasai Development Initiative (ISMDI) works to create an educated and developed Maasai Community whose cultural practices contribute positively toward gender and social equality and respect for human rights. Maasai communities surrounding the Mara ecosystem are faced with a myriad of problems, such as scarce medical facilities, severe droughts, high unemployment, high rates of illiteracy, lack of access to clean water, destruction of the natural environment, and harmful traditional practices like female genital mutilation and child marriage.

ISMDI builds capacity within Maasai communities by providing access to: school books, educational equipment, and scholarships; water projects such as wells and riparian habitat restoration; support and education for community entrepreneurs; healthcare facilities and training, including public health education on HIV/AIDS; and social entrepreneurship opportunities within the tourism industry.

ISMDI is currently working to develop the first ever Maasai-owned and directed conservancy, Nashulai Mara Conservancy. The conservancy will include a research center where indigenous knowledge, local tracking, and leading-edge conservation science will come together, supported by a tourist ecolodge, grants, membership fees, and trade-in carbon credits. NuggetLove is partnering with ISMDI to provide capacity development in professional fundraising, leadership, communications, and staff recruitment techniques.

Who We Are

Who We Are

CBT Nuggets co-founders Dan and Johnna Charbonneau began NuggetLove to support organizations beyond simple funding. They believe that by helping organizations create partnerships and infrastructure they can allow them to be successful — not just for a single grant cycle, but for years to come.

Shelly Galvin is CBT Nuggets Director of Corporate Social Responsibility. She has worked as a fundraiser and consultant globally with nonprofit organizations, NGOs, and social entrepreneurs. She also worked on a proposal development and business development team with small companies in Africa and the Middle East competing for USAID project funding. She’s won funding for projects large and small, from a $5,000 campaign for diversity in education training for local teachers to a $300M infrastructure project for USAID West Bank/Gaza. She holds a diploma in Social Innovation from the UN-mandated University for Peace (UPEACE) Executive Training Centre.

To learn more about our program and our projects contact

Shelly Galvin